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our mission

Our goal is to deliver consistent, reliable and personalized transportation services that our clients can trust.

We take pride in accommodating the unique and intricate transportation requirements of every customer.

We go to extraordinary lengths to provide our customers with superior product tracking information and win-win cost-effective pricing policies.

We add value to our customer’s bottom line.

We take responsibility for servicing our customers with the utmost care and urgency.

Corporate team

corporate team aldo decarolis

President and Chief Executive Officer

corporate team michael scalzo

Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer

corporate team mo selim

Chief Operating Officer

corporate team domenic santini@2x

Chief Technology Officer

corporate team emidio decarolis

Vice-President, Warehousing and Business Development

corporate team julienne bucci

Director of Human Resources,
Safety and Compliance

corporate team aldo decarolis@2x

Aldo Decarolis

President and Chief Executive Officer

Aldo is the President and Chief Executive Officer, as well as a principal shareholder of Vitesse. He began his career in the transport carrier industry in 1992, working as a sales representative for what was then known as Climan Transport. He continued to hone his sales expertise when he joined TrafficTech in 1998. While working in the transport carrier industry, Aldo completed his B.A. in Economics at Concordia University. With a determined entrepreneurial spirit, he decided to establish Vitesse Transport Corporation in 2000. His strong sales background has anchored the company’s enduring commitment to meeting customer needs and expectations.

A recognized and valued member of Montreal’s Italian community, Aldo is one of a handful of Governors of the Italian-Canadian Community Foundation, a philanthropic organization representing nearly 300,000 Quebecers of Italian origin. He is very proud of the significant contribution he has made in this capacity to the important charitable work of the Foundation.

michael scalzo 1

Michael Scalzo

Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer

Michael is the company’s Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer, as well as a shareholder of Vitesse. Michael joined the company soon after its inception and has been instrumental in its growth and expansion. A Finance graduate of the John Molson School of Business, Michael has developed a strong skillset in many facets of the transport industry and has been the backstop for the purchasing, administrative operations and finance and accounting functions of Vitesse.

Michael, who speaks three languages, is an avid hockey player; formerly an ‘AA’ level hockey player, he competed against and alongside NHL hockey great Vincent Lecavalier. He is a contributing alumnus to Loyola High School, underscoring both his commitment to serve as a mentor to young people and his appreciation for the high level of education he received there.

mo selim

Mo Selim

Chief Operating Officer

Mo is the Chief Operating Officer, as well as a shareholder of Vitesse. He has been with the organization since 2002, rising through the ranks to his current leadership position. Under Mo’s guidance, Vitesse has seen its sales rise systematically and consistently every year since his arrival.

Prior to joining Vitesse, Mo was involved as a logistics coordinator in the hospitality and beverages division of the Hilton Hotels in Montréal, Québec, as well as Director of Sales for Mount Royal Dye House Inc. It was through this experience in the hotel and manufacturing industries that Mo solidified his customer service expertise. In his personal time, Mo is heavily involved in his community, coaching amateur hockey and serving as a mentor to young people. In addition to being a hockey enthusiast, Mo is well-travelled, speaks three languages and has developed a passion for fly-fishing in Vermont.

corporate team domenic santini@2x

Domenic Santini

Chief Technology Officer

Domenic is the company’s Chief Technology Officer and a shareholder of Vitesse. A graduate of Concordia University, he is a dedicated senior technology executive with over 25 years’ experience in global management and systems development.

Prior to joining Vitesse on a full-time basis in 2009, Domenic ran his own database consulting company and also served as Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of FRI Corporation (an investment management solutions company). At FRI, he oversaw the day-to-day operations of the Montréal office and managed its Securities Information Services development and network operations team.

Domenic combines a solid background in computing architectures with well-rounded experience to manage all aspects of technology. He offers a thorough understanding of emerging technologies with extensive senior management planning. Most importantly, he leverages all of this technological and management expertise to deliver on the company’s business imperatives.

emidio decarolis

Emidio De Carolis

Vice-President, Warehousing and Business Development
Emidio Decarolis is Vice-President, Warehousing and Business Development of Vitesse. Emidio obtained his Doctorate Degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the Université de Montréal. A recipient of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Post-Doctoral Scholarship, Emidio pursued post-doctoral research at Merck Research Laboratories in Drug Discovery. As a dedicated senior pharmaceutical representative, he worked for over 20 years in Big Pharma and maintained roles with increasing responsibilities in research, marketing and sales. Emidio joined Vitesse in 2015, bringing a diversified background. He leverages his ability to work cross-functionally and use his management expertise to deliver on the daily operational goals and objectives, as well as Vitesse strategic imperatives. Emidio’s lengthy background complements the expertise of his partners, allowing Vitesse to expand in areas with unique transportation requirements. The father of teenage twins, he and his wife recently added a chocolate Labrador dog to the family. In addition to cooking and hosting family and friends, Emidio enjoys downhill skiing in the Canadian and US Rockies.
julienne bucci

Julienne Bucci

Director of Human Resources, Safety and Compliance

Julienne has been with Vitesse since 2015, working diligently to ensure that Vitesse is one of the safest highway carriers in the Transportation field. Vitesse employees remain her top priority. She started her career in Human Resources as a teenager when she began working as a summer student in CN’s Labour Relations department. That first taste of HR led her to seek a career in Human Resources, after finishing her studies at Concordia University. She successfully took on roles in employee services, talent acquisition, HR business partnerships and training at Pfizer and Ericsson for 12 years, before joining Vitesse. She started there as a Corporate HR Manager and quickly established herself as a leader inside the company. An avid sports fan, Julienne was a competitive synchronized figure skater for 20 years. Her two Canadian gold medals and world bronze medal are some of her proudest accomplishments.

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