Our Technologies


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We are a technology-based company

State-of-the art technologies play a key role in our success. Among other technologies, Vitesse uses the PeopleNet TABLET™ for cab communications throughout our entire trucking fleet.

In addition to real-time shipment visibility to track all the trucking assets, PeopleNet has helped us to increase safety and compliance, reduce operating costs and increase savings for our customer base, and deliver a better customer service experience.



Monitoring every step

Using the ELD (Electronic Logging Device), we can track our drivers driving time and other aspects of the hours-of-service records. For trailer tracking, the OrbComm© equipment and industry-leading technology enables us to track, monitor and control all electronic components of a refrigerated trailer in real-time.

Temperature Control

Temperature-sensitive freight is under complete control whether products require ambient, cool, frozen, or “Protect from Freezing” conditions. Our well-maintained 53’ trailers are all equipped with the latest in temperature control technology to ensure produce safety.


Video intelligence technology

Our video intelligence technology helps track movements and alerts us to any bad behaviours on the road. With EDI (electronic data interchange) capabilities, we have fully integrated support directly through our Order Management system, exchanging documents electronically and providing better speed and accuracy to improve our business efficiency.


If you’re set to ship, we’re ready to get your freight moving.