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Trucking Services


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Real-time Shipment Visibility

Vitesse uses PeopleNet TABLET™ in cab communications for our entire trucking fleet. Besides real-time tracking of all trucking assets, PeopleNet has helped Vitesse to:

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Increase Safety and Compliance

by providing real-time, automated tools that allow our drivers to safely manage their hours of service and enables our team to monitor them throughout their trip;

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Reduce Operating Costs

by helping to identify and address inefficiencies which translates into increased savings for our customer base;

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A better Customer Service experience

by allowing us to efficiently plan routes to ensure on-time delivery as well as update our customer along the way.



Monitoring every step

Much of this has been enabled by the integration of the tablet with our logistics software. Among other advantages, we are able to send dispatch routes to drivers directly to the tablet. With customized embedded forms, we can leverage PeopleNet’s Automated Workflow engine to prompt drivers upon stop and arrival. The technology also includes automated arrive and depart geofences to enable monitoring of terminal stops which allows us to advise our customers as soon as their freight arrives or departs a terminal.



Personalized trucking services

Our customer base ranges from small and medium-sized businesses to large corporations. We have experienced load planners and freight specialists who bring more than 50 years of experience in various modes of the trucking industry. The result is a comprehensive, well-rounded approach that guarantees our customers the best rates and combination of services.


If you’re set to ship, we’re ready to get your freight moving.