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Vitesse can cover a wide range of industries, including Retail, Packaging, AGRI-FOOD, Automotive, Metal, Pharmaceutical, Show Freight, Paper and Oil. We are equipped to meet all their needs and many more.

Retail - Sporting

Vitesse moves goods for a variety of retailers including sporting goods and fashion wear. We can deliver the merchandise to mall-based stores, strip-mall retailers and department stores according to customer-defined delivery days and times.


Vitesse works with many players in the packaging industry to deliver packaging supplies safely, and without damages.


Vitesse has all the equipment necessary to transport finished vehicles and auto parts to major cities across North America.


Our vast number of refrigerated and temperature-controlled trailers are closely monitored by our drivers and our Dispatch Team, which enables the successful delivery of all agri-foods around North America.


Vitesse is GMP certified which allows us to successfully transport a range of goods for our pharmaceutical clients where compliance is of the utmost importance.


Our clients in steel and metal stay with us because of our reliability. We have the resources to efficiently transport bulky and often oversized steel products. Vitesse understands the importance of just-in-time delivery in order to meet their production schedules.


Through the years, Vitesse has gained experience transporting train and subway parts as well as aerospatial equipment. Vitesse has become a leader that you can rely on in the transportation industry.

Show freight

Whether it’s concert equipment or trade show booths, Vitesse ensures that its client’s freight is set up on time and fully intact.


Years of experience with our pulp and paper clients have enabled us to become leaders in the securing principles for paper reels.


Some of our trucks are often the last step in the oil transport process, delivering oil and refined petroleum products to their intended storage destinations.


If you’re set to ship, we’re ready to get your freight moving.