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Pick & Pack

We are a pick and pack specialized company

Pick and Pack (pnp) is an order fulfillment process that we can facilitate for all of our customers. Vitesse has the flexibility of preparing and shipping entire cases and pallets of goods; Vitesse Pick and Pack Service can pull and pick individual items from master cartons and then place the items in boxes or pallets addressed to specific customers for shipment.

Pick & Pack

Pick & Pack distribution allows us to get everything done in one place. It eliminates the middle-man that is often required when goods need to be collected from different facilities and then sent somewhere else to be packaged and labeled.

Order Fulfillment

Vitesse warehouse facilities and staff are able to efficiently receive, process and deliver orders for their customers.

Vitesse has the unique ability to integrate its pick and pack service with its transportation so that customers receive their orders in a cost effective, timely manner. With over 400,000 square feet of warehouse space, Vitesse’s pick packing and order fulfillment operations run on 2 shifts that allow for a fast, streamlined and efficient process.



Why choose Vitesse for Pick & Pack

Our Pick & Packing operations offer a cost-effective solution to meet all of your needs. Our efficient handling techniques and inventory control management system allows for a short turnaround time, allowing orders to reach destinations quickly.

pick and pack services


If you’re set to ship, we’re ready to get your freight moving.