Quebec’s Sweet Elixir

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Let’s talk sugar, shall we? Not just any sugar. This particular sugar is a sweet elixir that has captured the hearts (and cravings) of so many. You guessed right, this time around, we’re putting the spotlight on maple syrup.

Which province do we have to thank for this delicious creation? You’re right again, it’s of course Quebec! This belle province is the largest maple syrup producer in the world. You read that right – the world! It produces 90% of Canadian crop and 71% of all world supply. If that’s not impressive, we don’t know what is! This sugary goodness is exported to other countries all over the world. The United States, Germany, and Japan to name a few – from Europe to Asia, that’s some journey!

More than 11 million gallons of maple syrup is transported out of sugar shacks. If you’re a Quebec resident or ever traveled to the province, then you know how KEY it is to reserve a visit to one of these sugar shacks or “cabanes à sucre.” This number isn’t so surprising though considering how many producers there are in the province and how much maple syrup is the province is shipping out. The supply always responds to the demand, and we already know there’s a HUGE demand. In 2016, Quebec recorded a gross value of over $486.5 million.

On behalf of everyone, we’d like to thank Quebec for spoiling us time and time again.

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