quebec breast cancer foundation

The Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation is a registered charitable organization established in 1994 on the initiative of Pam McLernon. Its original name was the Montreal Breast Cancer Foundation. Initially, the Foundation’s objectives were to provide assistance to women with breast cancer and to support medical research on the disease. Our mission still encompasses those original goals, but has gradually expanded to include activities focused on breast health awareness and education.
Since its inception, the Foundation, which became the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation in 2003, has experienced remarkable growth, thanks to generous donations from its partners and the public. Today, we are proud to fund major research projects in Quebec, while continuing to encourage Quebecers to adopt healthy lifestyles, and to support thousands of breast cancer sufferers in their struggle with the disease.
Since 1994, we have invested more than $23 million in research, education and awareness, and support programs. Thanks to the sustained generosity of people like you, the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation remains hopeful that it will accomplish even more, so that fewer and fewer people will die from this disease.

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