Computer Manufacturing: California Does It Best


On one hand, the “Golden State” of California is widely seen as a cultural icon, not only for being home to so many A-list celebrities but also for housing the Hollywood star-embedded Walk of Fame, the Golden Gate Bridge (as seen in every movie!), and the world-renowned Disneyland amusement park.

On the other hand, California is considered a leading industrial state, ranking first for almost every general category. In fact, its 3 trillion-dollar gross state product has made it one of the largest and healthiest economies in the world. This is thanks to the thriving manufacturing sector of the state, which accounts for over 11% of the US’ total output and 9% of the state’s workforce. Looking at it that way just goes to shows how much production and exportation take place in California!

Among the long list of manufactured goods, computers and electronic products take the cake. They are ranked as THE top manufacturing sector in the entire state, accounting for 23.2% of the state’s exports. That’s a whole lot of computers being made, don’t you think?

Something that may come as a surprise is that Canada is the second-largest export market for California. In 2019, the state exported more than 16.6 billion dollars of merchandise to Canada, with 28.6% of that being computers and electronics. That means there’s a good possibility the computer you use professionally or leisurely may have been bought and transported all the way from the Golden State. All this to say… California, you can thank us later!

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