There’s Something About Tennessee Whiskey


For all of you Whiskey fans out there, this one may be of special interest to you.

Tennessee Whiskey isn’t only a country song we all know the words to (don’t deny it, we know you do), it’s also one of the top ten exported products in the entire state of Tennessee. Its popularity dates back far enough that it was responsible for the US’ first act of prohibition. Can you imagine that?

Since then, the production of whiskey and bourbon has grown exponentially, with exports generating nearly 2.4 billion dollars in the year 2013. Hitting the US by a storm, Tennessee whiskey was legally established under NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) authorizing it to be produced only in the state of Tennessee under the label of “bourbon.” It also requires that it meet specific quality and production standards, possibly contributing to its increasing desirability.

Keeping up with the heavy demand for whiskey, Tennessee is currently home to over 30 distilleries including the Jack Daniel’s Distillery, otherwise responsible for producing the most popular Tennessee whiskey out there! Did you know that there were over 12.5 million cases of Jack Daniels sold in 2017 alone? As the primary state of whiskey production, Tennessee engages in the constant (and profitable) transportation of the product across the US and Canada. Next time you step into your local SAQ, think about how far that whiskey bottle traveled just to find itself in your glass. Cheers to that!

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