Why Michigan is Considered American Hub for the Automotive Industry


Michigan, the Great Lakes state is known for just that, its Great Lakes! It has the longest freshwater coastline of any other U.S. state. In fact, they say that no matter where you stand, you’re no more than 136 km from a Great Lake… don’t quote us on that. You may have also heard about Michigan’s loyal and passionate customer base for cheesy Detroit-style pizza and Vernors ginger soda. If you ever visit the state, you’ve got to try them!

Apart from these fun little facts, Michigan is primarily recognized as the car capital of the world. Why, you ask? With the help of Henry Ford and Ransom E. Olds, two of the most influential pioneers in the automotive industry, Michigan quickly became THE state for innovative manufacturing and design ideas for automakers. Ford, General Motors, Dodge, and Chevrolet are just four of the many car manufacturers currently located in the state of Michigan.

Bet you didn’t know that Michigan houses 96 of the top 100 automotive suppliers to North America. Interesting, huh? According to Detroit Chamber and Worldstopexports, nearly 2.1 million vehicles were manufactured in 2017 alone generating $5.5 billion in exportation. Picture how much transportation between states and provinces takes place to make that happen. We’ll give you a hint, it’s a whole lot! Doesn’t it make you wonder how many cars you see on the road that were transported all the way from Michigan?

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